Wasn’t this just a great way to start our preparations for Christmas, in 2019?

This was a special experience for Mummy and Daddy to watch you boys enjoy. What made it all the more exciting and memorable, was that you got to share it all with your two cousins. From start to finish, it was smiles galore as we sat in our carriage waiting for a visit from the big red man with the white beard.

Sweets and chocolates were a plenty and so were the drinks. We especially knew about the drinks because of the amount of times Isaiah visited the toilet. Mummy and Daddy and Nanna and Aunty Nat Nat, Uncs and Aunty Anna had their share of drinks too, so everybody was merry on board the Santa Special.

I have to say, it is a favourite memory of mine. Silas loved being with his big brothers on this trip. He really was showing the confidence he had developed from being around you both, Solomon and Isaiah.

What a super time it was for our three wild men.

Daddy and Mummy x

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