Room 12

16.08.2018 – The City Hospital

Silas, this is your very first day of life – outside of Mummy’s tummy.

You were born at exactly 3:28 and 56 seconds. Like your two older brothers birthdays, this day was very, very special to Mummy and I. These photographs even document your very first breaths.

Room 12 is where it all happened and you were gorgeous then, just like you are now and what a son you are too.

There were some very excited people eager to meet you too. This is when your two older brothers met you for the first time. And for Isaiah to freely offer you his ‘dum-dum’ was the ultimate act of love. Believe us, Silas, when these photographs were taken, Isaiah never gave up his dum-dum easily.

When coming home, Solomon thought of a great idea to help you recognise your family. The last photo shows the time when he placed photographs into your crib to help you look at and recognise your family. They were all of him, mind, but it was a super kind and caring idea all the same.

When returning to work, following your birth, I commented on how you complete us and that is so true. Our unit of five is just perfect and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We love you, Silas.

Daddy and Mummy, Solomon and Isaiah x

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