It may have been somewhat of a gloomy day, but you made the most of it, boys. 

Like you always do.

If there is fun to be had then Silas, Isaiah and Solomon always have it and in abundance.

At the Pines, it was den building, running a stick selling store, chewing on squidgy brownies (and for Mummy and Daddy, the best sausage rolls. EVER!) and licking snow. Yes, for her birthday this year, Mummy had a special visitor. A flurry of her beloved snow. The patches that we found in the forest didn’t last long. Snow balls or eager mouths quickly lapped up what was found and the three of you loved it. It took an effort for me to prize you away from it.

We ran races and you boys wore your beautiful gleaming smiles, up to the point where there were a few tears over unfair advantages. But, you are older and faster than your brothers, Solomon.

It’s always a pleasure being at Sherwood Pines. However, whilst journeying to and from our destination, we were a little sad passing Centre Parcs. It’s the first year since beginning our annual visits that we haven’t gone. But, the fault isn’t ours. Another cause of the calamity Covid is causing.

We’ve really missed it, but, we’ll be back to our festive chalet when all is safe, well and open.

Yet again, mud managed to make an appearance as it followed us back to the car, attracted to the three of you like the Pied Piper. It’s phenomenal how it gets everywhere. Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t be surprised at its volume on you if you had bathed in it, but you didn’t. Yet you boys have a knack of enveloping yourselves in it. The 4 of you are best friends for sure.

It was a fun day, wasn’t it?

Daddy x

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