Just know, I really enjoyed this walk with you.

There is something about walking along ‘Millionaires Row’ that gives my joy, and that isn’t because it’s a place of wealth and huge homes – although dreaming about living in one or choosing your favourite is a fun pastime – it’s because the walk along the golf club drive and around the surrounding area is so nice and serene AND with you boys and Mummy, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the universe right there and then.

In fact, that feeling is a daily occurrence.

This evening was particularly special because of the fog. Do you remember? It was a little spooky, a little intriguing and exciting all at the same time. Solomon, you particularly stood out as the bravest of the five of us; walking home, almost the whole way back, on your own. These shots of you, in this post, are some of my most favourite photographs. You look like you are in a movie; the hero journeying to save the world from some alien visitor that has cast our planet in a dark mist and their eyes glow red and orange. You are so brave and brilliant, Solomon.

I loved the space we had. 

I loved this walk and Mummy’s ‘Where’s Wally?’ moment 🙂


Daddy and Forever Lover x

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