Mixed dates

No family album would be complete without the customary bath time photographs.

Bath times are without a doubt a favourite time for the three of you. You boys have loved bath times yet at some point, ALL three of you have been a pain in the bottom to get out of them because of your intense love for baths and water.


The first set marks a momentous time for you, Silas. These photographs tell of a time when you were starting to really join in with your brothers and turn the dynamic duo into a tricksy trio – although, in the beginning, you were more the target of your bigger brothers bath water squirts. However, you didn’t complain. The word ‘bath’ is also one of your first environmental words and when I first showed you these shots, you immediately said ‘bath’ in your cute Silas tones.


Silas, this is you. I love this shot of you. It marks your first bath after leaving the hospital following your birth. Up until then, it was body baths using cotton wool and small bowls of lukewarm water. You can see from how Mummy is holding you how much of a precious and tender time it was. You were a beautiful ball of gorgeousness in this photograph. You still are. A really special time for Mummy and me, as were all the first time baths with you all you boys.

Solomon – 8.1.2016 & Isaiah – 28.1.2018

Showers haven’t always been a favourite for the three of you, but there have been occasions when you loved having that space all to yourself. Solomon, your photograph was taken at our house on Turney Street in the Meadows. Remember? The house you always refer to with the red door? We have driven passed it lots of times since selling it, to move to Beeston. It was a lovely house wasn’t it?

Isaiah, your photograph was taken at our house on Sydney Road. You liked the shower in that house and this is a super shot of you. I love it. You were both very young and yummy is these shots. For the both of you, showers were always about sitting in that sweet spot where the warm water hit you the most and for you, Solomon, it could also involve chances at emptying all the contents of the shower gel bottles to be able to fill them with your own mix of water and froth – that was an episode in our present house on Wollaton Road with Daddy’s favourite Marks and Spencer gift gel bottles. Remember that cheeky event? You did smell lush though.

Solomon and Isaiah, the last few shots are random photographs from other bath times that you enjoyed. Looking at them just fills me with warm feelings of pride and love for you. And, how cute? I’m sure I speak for Mummy too.

There have been lots of photographs of you all in the bath, but these are special because they show you the sorts of activities you enjoyed and the sorts experiences that displaced much of the water from the bath to the floors and walls of the bathrooms of all the houses we have lived in.

Great fun times wouldn’t you agree, boys?

Daddy x

The cover page photograph of Mummy and Solomon was taken on 3.11.2016 and we were living at Sydney Road.

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