Mud is what I remember most about this Sunday afternoon.

We even took your pushchair through it, Silas. Mummy was brave and persistent in trudging her way through with it. It’s a good job we all had the right shoes on and that none of them stuck in the sticky gloop. You did try though, Solomon and Isaiah.

Despite wading through the mud, we had the majority of our walk on our own. The sunlight was magical and cast a warming hue over us all. 

Daddy had these shots in mind; more specifically, the colours and the look. This collection remind me of the sorts of photographs that were taken when I was a young boy, so I am glad that I can reminisce with you boys in this way, whilst continuing to build new visual memories with you.

I hope you don’t mind if I continue to do that, from now on?

Much love, 

Daddy and Mummy’s Forever lover x

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